Create a first impact which he’ll recall your

Create a first impact which he’ll recall your

18. V, a€?i did not volunteer to grooving, it’s just that another trainee hyung explained a€?The eldest Hyung will likely be coming later on. Show your appeal after that. ‚ As soon as Jin Hyung came, I managed to get embarrassed thus I stored moving while appearing all the way down. Hyung held observing myself with a blank expression and in the end informed me, a€?You, get dance right in front over there.’a€?

a€“ V, a€?For myself, i think this really is pretty when babes put wider trousers.i prefer a female whom grows more charming each day. I love a kind woman. But because all (BTS) your best kinds will vary, I really don’t consider we’ll date equivalent girl.a€?

21. V quality in 2014 –> a€?i do want to update my oral power many and that I need to inspire lots of people. Easily upgrade my voice skills, I additionally genuinely believe that BTS degree will rise.a€?

23. The guy view all episode of anime such as for example Digimon Adventure, Wolf Children, and Girl Exactly who Leapt Through energy, One Pice, Summer conflicts, keyboard zero Mori, alongside works of manager Hosada Mamoru.

28. The guy describe him self like a Monkey. When he was actually younger, the guy have spit in by Simpanse from the zoo and afterwards incident their pal stating that he had been Simpanse competing and then he is actually Monkey.

When V has actually a lover, the guy wants to planning fall then going to the playground to give the pigeons along with it

29.His part product are their Dad. He would like to getting a dad like their dad, a person that takes care of his young children, pay attention to every thing they do say, promote and recommend the near future projects well and acquire the scolded by their spouse a whole lot.

30. faceflow chat In several years, he wants to taking their young children Taekwon (Male, two years) and Taeguk (Female, 7 months) for the zoo and feeding the pigeon shrimp crackers being a cool trip guy.

32. V motto a€“> a€?i simply created they but why don’t we lives coolly to your optimum. Considering that the existence occurs only one time, waking up comfortable in the morning and dealing doing all of your best.a€?

34. regularly the guy watchs one Anime occurrence (without fail) and create one thing on twitter/fancafe, and he makes the Hyungs furious daily.

35. Whenever V get a stress he can revealing to Jimin and Jin. But he very easy to speak to Jimin because their posses exact same years.

38. lovers stated V search a want Baekhyun EXO and Daehyun B.A.P. And then he mentioned, Baekhyun Exo was his mama, and Daehyun B.A.P is their Father. But there is fan stated the guy seems like T.O.P Bigbang, and he feels an honour.

V best sort is a person who becomes most lovely each day, handles him, enjoys your, always fashionable outside, tends to make hot candy, has plenty aegyo and a girl who wears broad trousers

a€“ Jimin, a€?A pony that deviated from his reins. In V’s instance, whatever the guy will it’s usually strange. Above a pet, he’s similar to an alien from another environment (laughs)a€?

52. Q: by-the-way, your presented a display in Japan the very first time, just how comprise japan enthusiast’s reactions?

52. J-Hope mentioned, if they ever before have manage a Variety tv show, V is the greatest because of it because V possess 4D charm.

a€“ V, a€?I became really noisy at school. Whenever it was recess, I became like, a€?AH! IT REALLY IS RECESS! WHY DON’T WE ENJOY. ‚. Once i was using my friend at meal, a€?BASKETBALL! WHY DON’T WE PLAY. ‚. Everyone realized whom i was in the past.a€? -Mnet Jjang #63-